Thursday, January 6, 2011

random things

do you know this show America's Next Top Model franchise? yeap, they have been going on around lately, especially if you are watching Star World (yap, that channel had become a chick channel). and I'm obsessed by it, i mean who doesn't?

so.. in ANTM last cycle, which is cycle 14, among all of the contestants i really like this girl Raina Hein. as you can see, her face is F-I-E-R-C-E. wanna steal that face so bad, ugh

AND not only she's extremely uh-mazing and so editorial, she's also consider the most down-to-earth compare to the other bitches in the house, especially Krista (hate her, don't deserve to win). and she's a ninja! how great is that! (confuse? you have to read her blog, you'll understand from that)

keep up, then i went googling her to feed my curiosity. voila! found her personal web blog

then, i read her posts and from her writing i can see she is really humble, yeah, like that's possible rite? but she really does.

so i saw her random fun surveys (its uber cute! you have to see it your self) and somehow i interested to make mine too :)

my own random facts

Drink: teh tarikk
Restaurant: i love sushi tei and hmm.. lepak & pizza farm (Un Par student must know)
TV Show: ANTM (obviously), How I Met Your Mother
City: somewhere exotic
Food: international and local delicacies, i love food especially the weird one
Desert: any kind
Magazine: cosmo girl, go girl, nay i love self help books more than magazine
Way to Relax: salon?
Place: anywhere, just don't make me boring key?*smirk*
Cell Phone: Bold II (onyx)
Designer: bethanny putri supriadi tan (since i modeling her  fashion line i suppose hihi)
Shoe: i love high heels, but only the comfy one
Date: drinking coffee would be nice, and being anywhere near my BF
Color:since its still spring summer collection, yes, earthy color fho sho..
Day: hmm, weekends?
Season: holiday season
Makeup: body shop, and etude for nail polish (no chipping nails, i have delicate nails and always chips!)
Store: hmm..
Boy: Pradana Dyaksa
Movie: DISNEY!
Animal: dogs cats anything
Form of Transportation: private G6? hihi never been in one
Actor: jason segel , the one who played marshall eriksen in 'how i met your mother'. ahhh.. cuddle..
Performer: sophie ellis bextor, katy perry, drake
Band: justice?
Snack Food: anything in particular *sneakin to the kitchen fridge*
Outfit: im not really fashion forward, so i wear whats appropriate and Elise Ward lady like (love that new movie The Tourist, all of the Angie's outfits)

have a nice day!

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