Saturday, January 8, 2011

i met these interesting group of planet people

hey there
earlier today, me and my fellow Abang None Jakarta Utara colleagues went to Fremantle Media (it's a production house, who also create well-known reality show such as Indonesian Idol) for that game show in Indonesian channel ANTV , Super Family. its a new form of Family 100 game show (maybe you'll familiar with that)

 me with none jessica

and this is none ika

its not the point, but we're getting there..
so, we met our competitor, and they are from Star Wars and Star Trek community. ok, thats hard to compete rite they were like SUPER fun with all of the costume. and somehow in the waiting room we chat with them about their unique community. my-30-years-old-brother is gonna be sooo envy knowing i dibs on them first (he is a star wars geek #fyi)

now get the picture how fun they are?

they are from ORDER 66 , Star Wars Indonesia Troopers Homebase . they bring a lot of interesting merchandises. as you can see that long shiny neon sword thiny is one of them. and believe it or not, they made all of the costume and merchandise by them self and they're trying to be as 99% original-movie-like. sounds hard? try to wear the suit.

too shame i didn't get the chance to talk much with the Star Trek community because they had to wait in the different room from us. but i did talk with one of them asking one stupid but forgivable (for them,course) question

" sir, what's the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek in general?"  then the man answered " star trek is more about travel thru space and planet . star wars however tend to focuses on wars"

hmm cant argue more, still learning myself. indeed

if you wanna know about the star wars community here's some address you can go to
toyzone - jl. bangka raya no. 5D , 2nd floor. south jakarta (021 7182356, 08161667077)
facebook : order66

*yawn* gotta get some sleep. have a good night sleep anyone :)

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