Wednesday, June 22, 2011

hello summer

its been a while since my previous post. I've been around but too lazy to pick up my laptop and write basically anything. so today I'm gonna write anything that comes into my mind, no exception. so you will read rubbish came out from my ticking keyboard ( IF there's a reader) lol.

2010, its been quite a year for me. 2 of my long awaited dreams came true at that year. first , Abang None finalist. seriously, to become one was a tough shot. lots of my tall slender-body smart-ass friends cant make it thru finalist. I consider myself as a true one lucky bastard. Secondly, i got myself into Cosmo Girl! of The Year 2010. I've waited for 5 continuous years (yep, failed 5 times). Made it in 2010. why trying so hard on CG? because i grew up with that magazine. cliche much? uh whatever. 

I don't consider myself as a smart cookie,good writer or just simply person who has an impeccable taste in literature . really, i dont know who am i trying to impress by writing. but i see writing as the way of redeem myself. its not like I'm doing something bad. just cause.

i love to learn. i have couple of friends who i consider to be my inspiration. entah itu dia cantik dan pintar, has an impeccable way of communicating thru others, atau dia sangat perfeksionis dan punya banyak talenta. saya ambil sedikit demi sedikit contoh dari beberapa teman di lingkungan saya. bukan 100% mengkopi apa yang mereka lakukan, thats unoriginal. i hate unoriginal things, even bags. but what im trying to say here, i love to learn from my friends. i never underestimate them and i see my friends as a group of learning system, a mentor, with no judgement.

i read it somewhere once "surround yourself with good environment, jangan berteman dengan teman-teman yang bersaing denganmu, tetapi make friends with them who fill your gaps". i find it really interesting, rite? jangan berteman with friends who constantly compete with you, that secretly wishes you to go down. 

oh my god what I'm trying to write here, I'm just blabbering. haha go on.. 

now i wanna talk about what's happening now. I'm (still) crazy about red velvet cupcake, or just cake. that makes red velvet my fave cake, until there's another mind-blowing cake comes around. I'm trying (hard) to read books, any kind of books. i still skip classes, which is what I'm frustrated about. i still blog-surfing. I still do lookbook for money. i rarely do none duty :( . and i still have the same boyfriend :)

 i think that's enough talking, im tired.. toodles !

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

come and joing our family, ABANG NONE JAKARTA UTARA

Pendaftaran Pemilihan Abang & None Jakarta Utara 2010 akan segera dibuka. Jadi bersiap-siap bagi kamu yang:

1. Memiliki minat yang sangat besar pada bidang Pariwisata & Kebudayaan,
2. Memiliki semangat yang besar untuk mengeluarkan ide-ide kreatifnya bagi kemajuan kota Jakarta,
3. Memiliki wawasan yang luas dan kemampuan berorganisasi yang baik,
4. Berdomisili di Jakarta dan memiliki KTP asli Jakarta,
5. Berusia 18 - 25 Tahun,
6. Berpenampilan menarik, dengan tinggi badan minimal 170 cm (Abang) atau 165 cm (None),
7. Memiliki kemampuan berkomunikasi yang sangat baik, baik Bahasa Indonesia maupun Bahasa Asing lainnya.

Ayo segera daftarkan diri kalian dan bergabung bersama kami di keluarga besar Abang & None Jakarta Utara! Prestasi yang berhasil kami raih di ajang Malam Final Abang & None Jakarta 2009 yang lalu, mari kita ukir itu kembali bersama-sama!

Ditambah lagi dengan semangat, wawasan, persahabatan, dan pengalaman-pengalaman yang baru serta tak ternilai harganya melalui program wisata terintegrasi "12 Destinasi Wisata Pesisir Jakarta Utara", yang merupakan satu-satunya di Indonesia, bahkan Asia.

Kalian juga dapat melayangkan segala pertanyaan kalian ke e-mail kami, yaitu

atau dengan meng-add profil ABANG NONE JAKARTA UTARA di situs Facebook, dengan men-search "Pemilihan Abang & None Jakarta Utara 2010"

Thursday, January 27, 2011


hello again

so recently i became a model for my friend 's fashion line look book. it was fun, in my perspective on this Pre-Fall collection, this line has brought an androgyny atmosphere to its design.

yap that's me, can you believe that? i look so.. edgy. i never been too fashion forward, so I'm learning a lot from bethanny (the one who design this line, and also my good friend). the male model is also a fashion blogger, and his name is Ario Achda. and the one who took those nice picture is Aditya Tirtakusuma.

interested to see more ? maybe you should take a good look on de.cada.dia official blogstore and maybe go get some goodies from there :)



Saturday, January 8, 2011

i met these interesting group of planet people

hey there
earlier today, me and my fellow Abang None Jakarta Utara colleagues went to Fremantle Media (it's a production house, who also create well-known reality show such as Indonesian Idol) for that game show in Indonesian channel ANTV , Super Family. its a new form of Family 100 game show (maybe you'll familiar with that)

 me with none jessica

and this is none ika

its not the point, but we're getting there..
so, we met our competitor, and they are from Star Wars and Star Trek community. ok, thats hard to compete rite they were like SUPER fun with all of the costume. and somehow in the waiting room we chat with them about their unique community. my-30-years-old-brother is gonna be sooo envy knowing i dibs on them first (he is a star wars geek #fyi)

now get the picture how fun they are?

they are from ORDER 66 , Star Wars Indonesia Troopers Homebase . they bring a lot of interesting merchandises. as you can see that long shiny neon sword thiny is one of them. and believe it or not, they made all of the costume and merchandise by them self and they're trying to be as 99% original-movie-like. sounds hard? try to wear the suit.

too shame i didn't get the chance to talk much with the Star Trek community because they had to wait in the different room from us. but i did talk with one of them asking one stupid but forgivable (for them,course) question

" sir, what's the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek in general?"  then the man answered " star trek is more about travel thru space and planet . star wars however tend to focuses on wars"

hmm cant argue more, still learning myself. indeed

if you wanna know about the star wars community here's some address you can go to
toyzone - jl. bangka raya no. 5D , 2nd floor. south jakarta (021 7182356, 08161667077)
facebook : order66

*yawn* gotta get some sleep. have a good night sleep anyone :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

random things

do you know this show America's Next Top Model franchise? yeap, they have been going on around lately, especially if you are watching Star World (yap, that channel had become a chick channel). and I'm obsessed by it, i mean who doesn't?

so.. in ANTM last cycle, which is cycle 14, among all of the contestants i really like this girl Raina Hein. as you can see, her face is F-I-E-R-C-E. wanna steal that face so bad, ugh

AND not only she's extremely uh-mazing and so editorial, she's also consider the most down-to-earth compare to the other bitches in the house, especially Krista (hate her, don't deserve to win). and she's a ninja! how great is that! (confuse? you have to read her blog, you'll understand from that)

keep up, then i went googling her to feed my curiosity. voila! found her personal web blog

then, i read her posts and from her writing i can see she is really humble, yeah, like that's possible rite? but she really does.

so i saw her random fun surveys (its uber cute! you have to see it your self) and somehow i interested to make mine too :)

my own random facts

Drink: teh tarikk
Restaurant: i love sushi tei and hmm.. lepak & pizza farm (Un Par student must know)
TV Show: ANTM (obviously), How I Met Your Mother
City: somewhere exotic
Food: international and local delicacies, i love food especially the weird one
Desert: any kind
Magazine: cosmo girl, go girl, nay i love self help books more than magazine
Way to Relax: salon?
Place: anywhere, just don't make me boring key?*smirk*
Cell Phone: Bold II (onyx)
Designer: bethanny putri supriadi tan (since i modeling her  fashion line i suppose hihi)
Shoe: i love high heels, but only the comfy one
Date: drinking coffee would be nice, and being anywhere near my BF
Color:since its still spring summer collection, yes, earthy color fho sho..
Day: hmm, weekends?
Season: holiday season
Makeup: body shop, and etude for nail polish (no chipping nails, i have delicate nails and always chips!)
Store: hmm..
Boy: Pradana Dyaksa
Movie: DISNEY!
Animal: dogs cats anything
Form of Transportation: private G6? hihi never been in one
Actor: jason segel , the one who played marshall eriksen in 'how i met your mother'. ahhh.. cuddle..
Performer: sophie ellis bextor, katy perry, drake
Band: justice?
Snack Food: anything in particular *sneakin to the kitchen fridge*
Outfit: im not really fashion forward, so i wear whats appropriate and Elise Ward lady like (love that new movie The Tourist, all of the Angie's outfits)

have a nice day!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

fire work and 2011

you would probably recognize this picture from katy perry's new single called fire work. i love the video as much as the song and katy perry herself (im so jealous! she is pretty damn gorgeous with a killer body and those bad boys referring to her perky boobs) . i mean, katy is really dazzling without those-so-much-revealing-outfits-she-usually-worn and she's really lights up the picture.

here is the video

ok, lets just start with some boring fact (i know, i really diggin those boring fact i even collect them in my notebook. but hey! boring fact might save your life in the interview or pageant contest :p )

according to this book i read recently (101 things you need to know), fire work was invented in China over 2000 years ago. a fire work start its journey into the night sky with someone lighting the fuse to a lifting charge. this sits underneath the main part of the fire works, called the shell. the lifting charge sends the shell  flying up into the sky, and lights the fuse to the shell at the same time.

complicated enough? modern-day fire works can get incredibly more complicated (die die die)

anyway. happy new year 2010 everyone!
you probably had a huge party welcoming the 2010 rite?. me? not so much. but i did see a lot of beautiful fire works and amused by those.  fire works really means a lot to me. why? fire work represents change (there's no new year's eve without massive fireworks rite?) , fire work can be define as bold and beautiful , and fire work is fearless.

i've been thru a lot in 2010, and gaining strength back in every sorrow i had. i don't know what tomorrow brings, so i might need a little bit of fire work in me. the positive energy, the never give up spirit, and the fearless (i need a lot of balls, if u know what i mean ) and stay grounded for sure.

hopefully firework will represents me in 2011. amen

ps: if you don't know the song yet (nay, u probably have) here is the link so you can download it for free

hello, im newbie

good evening,
ok this is awkward. i think i have to introduce myself first

my name is apsy, im 19 years old living mostly in Jakarta, sometimes Bandung. Nay, not really a great college student but im working on it :)

i think thats it, and we'll see how it goes *smirk*