Wednesday, January 5, 2011

fire work and 2011

you would probably recognize this picture from katy perry's new single called fire work. i love the video as much as the song and katy perry herself (im so jealous! she is pretty damn gorgeous with a killer body and those bad boys referring to her perky boobs) . i mean, katy is really dazzling without those-so-much-revealing-outfits-she-usually-worn and she's really lights up the picture.

here is the video

ok, lets just start with some boring fact (i know, i really diggin those boring fact i even collect them in my notebook. but hey! boring fact might save your life in the interview or pageant contest :p )

according to this book i read recently (101 things you need to know), fire work was invented in China over 2000 years ago. a fire work start its journey into the night sky with someone lighting the fuse to a lifting charge. this sits underneath the main part of the fire works, called the shell. the lifting charge sends the shell  flying up into the sky, and lights the fuse to the shell at the same time.

complicated enough? modern-day fire works can get incredibly more complicated (die die die)

anyway. happy new year 2010 everyone!
you probably had a huge party welcoming the 2010 rite?. me? not so much. but i did see a lot of beautiful fire works and amused by those.  fire works really means a lot to me. why? fire work represents change (there's no new year's eve without massive fireworks rite?) , fire work can be define as bold and beautiful , and fire work is fearless.

i've been thru a lot in 2010, and gaining strength back in every sorrow i had. i don't know what tomorrow brings, so i might need a little bit of fire work in me. the positive energy, the never give up spirit, and the fearless (i need a lot of balls, if u know what i mean ) and stay grounded for sure.

hopefully firework will represents me in 2011. amen

ps: if you don't know the song yet (nay, u probably have) here is the link so you can download it for free

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  1. ow yea! who doesn't love miss perry with her killer classic look?!!!!

    finally leave a trace here! keep writing sy!