Wednesday, June 22, 2011

hello summer

its been a while since my previous post. I've been around but too lazy to pick up my laptop and write basically anything. so today I'm gonna write anything that comes into my mind, no exception. so you will read rubbish came out from my ticking keyboard ( IF there's a reader) lol.

2010, its been quite a year for me. 2 of my long awaited dreams came true at that year. first , Abang None finalist. seriously, to become one was a tough shot. lots of my tall slender-body smart-ass friends cant make it thru finalist. I consider myself as a true one lucky bastard. Secondly, i got myself into Cosmo Girl! of The Year 2010. I've waited for 5 continuous years (yep, failed 5 times). Made it in 2010. why trying so hard on CG? because i grew up with that magazine. cliche much? uh whatever. 

I don't consider myself as a smart cookie,good writer or just simply person who has an impeccable taste in literature . really, i dont know who am i trying to impress by writing. but i see writing as the way of redeem myself. its not like I'm doing something bad. just cause.

i love to learn. i have couple of friends who i consider to be my inspiration. entah itu dia cantik dan pintar, has an impeccable way of communicating thru others, atau dia sangat perfeksionis dan punya banyak talenta. saya ambil sedikit demi sedikit contoh dari beberapa teman di lingkungan saya. bukan 100% mengkopi apa yang mereka lakukan, thats unoriginal. i hate unoriginal things, even bags. but what im trying to say here, i love to learn from my friends. i never underestimate them and i see my friends as a group of learning system, a mentor, with no judgement.

i read it somewhere once "surround yourself with good environment, jangan berteman dengan teman-teman yang bersaing denganmu, tetapi make friends with them who fill your gaps". i find it really interesting, rite? jangan berteman with friends who constantly compete with you, that secretly wishes you to go down. 

oh my god what I'm trying to write here, I'm just blabbering. haha go on.. 

now i wanna talk about what's happening now. I'm (still) crazy about red velvet cupcake, or just cake. that makes red velvet my fave cake, until there's another mind-blowing cake comes around. I'm trying (hard) to read books, any kind of books. i still skip classes, which is what I'm frustrated about. i still blog-surfing. I still do lookbook for money. i rarely do none duty :( . and i still have the same boyfriend :)

 i think that's enough talking, im tired.. toodles !